Yoump – Trampoline Park


Yoump is an expanding chain for trampoline parks in Sweden. This spring Yoump opened their second park in Linköping and at least four more parks are planned in 2017. Ci Concept produced and installed all the graphic material at the request of Code Conceptdevelopment who designed the concept for Yoump. To see the full case, […]

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Sign program for Renault


Renault has developed a new sign program for the European market. Rousseau is selected as the producer and Ci Concept is responsible for project management and installation in the Nordic region.

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Telenor – New store concept


In Täby shopping center in Stockholm you can find Telenor’s first store with the brand new store concept. Ci Concept, supplier to Telenor for seven years, delivered light boxes, various acrylic details and foil texts. To see the full case, click here!

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Illuminated signs for Mio


In the shopping center Valbo, Mio has expanded its bedroom department. They also made a new separate entrance to this department. We helped Mio with the illuminated signs.

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New Power stores in Denmark


Already in the beginning of March, Power has opened three new department stores in Denmark and even more are planned shortly. The finished stores until today can be found in Viby, Nyköbing and Sönderborg. Ci Concept has produced and delivered all graphic material for instore and shop windows as printed foil, printed magnet, navigation texts, aluminium […]

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Carplus Store

Carplus Store Gotheburg

The website Carplus, for buying and leasing cars, opened their first Pop Up store at Frölunda Torg – Gothenburg. Ci Concept designed the store concept, handled the purchase of interiors and was responsible for the implementation of the new concept. The plan is to market many different brands, where each brand is shown two weeks […]

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Apoteket C.W.Scheele

Apoteket C.W.Scheele

Apoteket C.W.Scheele Ci Concepts delivery contained sketches, project management, products and installation. Above you see the outside window foil. To see the full case, click here!  

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Eye catching sign for Beijing8


Ci Concept has developed an exciting sign solution for the dumpling restaurant chain “Beijing8” together with the store furnishing company Senab. The sign is made of glued clear acrylic which is wrapped in transparent dark pink vinyl foil. The internal light source, consisting of white LED tubes, is completely visible through all sides of the […]

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Window display for The North Face

The North Face requested an idea for store front displays. We started with the window dimensions and came up with a suitable and profitable media size. We produced coated MDF podiums with milled grooves and 10 mm printed acrylic. The design contributes to a modern and more exclusive appearance.

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Nonbye Sweden AB becomes
Ci Concept AB

After nearly five years as Nonbye Sweden AB, the board conducted extensive work to ensure future strategy together with the new business plan for the Company during spring, 2016. From having started as Ci Concept 2009 – the company was then a pure material and service provider, has Ci Concept recent years broadened its oering […]

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