After a face lift inside the store, a reconstructed entrance sign was needed in a Lyko store. Atechio took measures and checked if installation possibilities had changed since last time and produced and installed a new portal.

23 October, 2020

Schneider Electric

Atechio helped Schneider Electric with another vehicle project to make them even more visible in traffic and build their brand. Atechio has been responsible for design, production, installation and project management.

16 October, 2020


We had the privilege of designing, producing and assembling decor for one of the cars in Colorama’s vehicle fleet.

12 October, 2020

Avarn Security

When Nokas acquisition of Avarn became reality they became the second largest security company in Sweden.To see the full case, click here!

1 October, 2020


Sometimes we do the little extra things to make it extra special.In the mission of reducing the numbers of cancer victims and increasing the numbers of survivors, Rosa Bandet and Cancerfonden makes Sweden pink as a part of their yearly October campaign. Atechio had the honor to make a pop up store for them which included photobooth, chairs, textiles, foils and a tree to hang photos in with the message ”For who do you carry your ribbon?”.

28 September, 2020

Mio Örebro

Atechio helped Mio to update their new store in Örebro.We designed, produced and installed new signs, both inside and outside.

18 September, 2020


As a building material gigant in the Finnish, Baltic and Russian markets, Rudus has a big fleet of for exampleconcrete trucks and other vehicles delivering materials to sites. As a partner to Rudus, Atechio has started up a web shop with stickers and signs linked to Rudus intranet.With products in stock, the company keep all vehicles and sites quickly branded.We thank Rudus for their trust in us on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

7 September, 2020

Car re-branding for RWE

We’ve had the honor of carrying out the installation of new vinyl on cars for RWE in Sweden. The pleasure has been on our side during the implementation together with our partners.

13 August, 2020


This project started in 2017 but was subsequently paused and has now been resumed between Itrim and Atechio. The assignment consists of changing signs on several sites with their new flag and facade signs. For some centres we upgrade existing LED-signs with black and white vinyl, while for other centres we produce brand new signs. We also produce and handle the installation of new vinyls, unlit signs for indoor use and other products that you can see on the pictures in this recency. The pictures are taken from Spånga and Sollentuna. We will continue the re-branding this fall and thank Itrim for the cooperation.

9 July, 2020

ATG Jackpot banner

We have worked together with ATG (AB Trav och Galopp) for several years with various projects and products. Among other things, we produce and handle the installation and dismantling of their Jackpot banner on an ongoing basis for upcoming Jackpots. We are very happy with our collaboration with ATG.

2 July, 2020