Customer reference

Most of our customers have commercial entities in a chain such as stores, cafés, restaurants, banks and fitness centers. No matter the type of business, they have in common that their entities must be inspiring for their customers and create sales. Therefore, the architecture, visual communication and the interior in the entity is crucial for how it’s perceived by the customer. >Clients <

How can we help you?

"Our mission is to help you as a customer to create inspiring environments for your business that will support loyalty and sales growth. Basically, we help you to take your visual strategy to life. To do this we combine architecture, visual communication and interior. This is created in collaboration with you, our project management team and our design studio. When we have a solution, we manage the implementation in your business"

Stefan Billerstam

Managing Director/Partner

What do we do?

In most cases, we offer a complete solution and in some cases just specialized knowledge. Everything from project management and concept development to installation and specified products. Most projects that we manage vary in characteristic within visual communication, branding, interior architecture, interior decoration, digital signage, signing, graphics and/or advertising. >Cases <

How do we do it?

Our strength is that we can combine different expertise such as strategic design, visual merchandising, project management, production, material features, distribution and installation. In all modesty, we offer "one-stop shopping".